Your solar solution,

our financing, today!


We are the thread weaving together your solar power solutions.

We provide fully integrated turnkey solar power solutions, so renewable energy can become your reality.


Property Owners:

We make solar power easy for you.

  • No upfront cost.
    ZERO down payment.

  • Reduce your electricity bill by ~30%.
    Even more in the future, thanks to our pre-defined price policy.

  • No ownership responsibility.

  • We strengthen your local community.

Nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations:

We make solar power affordable for you.

  • We can reduce ANY solar installer’s bid by 15% or more (projects  ≥ $150,000).

  • No liens attached to your property.

  • Our tax investors will own the solar system for at least 6 years.

  • We offer different ways to help you finance your solar project (e.g. loans, PACE loans, crowd lending, etc.)


Legal and financial roadblocks removed.

  • Expand your business.
    Hire and train more people.

  • Increase your impact.
    Build more and larger solar systems.

  • Focus on your strengths. We do the rest.
    (Financing, contracts, liabilities, warranties, engineering, with proven components and designs.)

  • Plus, we’ve got your back!
    Your growth is supported by a U.S.-based international engineering and procurement company.


Stewards of sustainable energy.

  • ~60% tax benefits over 6 years.

  • High unlevered return.

  • Streamlined and transparent legal and financial processes.

  • Risk diversification.
    Your investment spreads over 3 to 8 projects.

  • Independent 3rd party engineering review.

  • Unlock the tremendous growth opportunities of the nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations segment, commercial and industrial solar market segments.