Nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations

Solar Made Affordable


If you are interested in a solar project that will cost you more than $150,000, we can reduce your solar installer’s bid by 15% or more. The main subsidies for solar projects are the Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation tax shield. Unfortunately, they are not available for you as a tax-exempt organization.

  1. We will sign a Solar Power Agreement with you. We own, operate, and maintain the Solar System and you agree to host the Solar System on your property for twenty (20) years.  You agree to provide an upfront Deposit of no more than 85% of the solar installer’s bid and we will pay the remaining installation cost.

  2. At the end of every contract year, instead of you making a fixed service payment in cash, the service payment is deducted from the deposit balance. Your utility bill will vary depending on the amount of electricity you consume beyond what is provided by the Solar System. You can own the Solar System at the end of year 6.

  3. There will be no liens attached to your property.

  4. Our tax investors will own the solar system for at least 6 years.

  5. We offer different ways to help you finance your solar project (e.g. loans, PACE loans, crowd lending etc.).