Solar made easy


In short:

We take care of all the things that stopped you, until now, to get solar electricity: Financing, installing, maintaining, monitoring. You just lean back, lower your electricity bill, and the ownership responsibility is with us.

You don’t have to pay or finance the solar installation because we will own the system on your property. You lease the space to us, and we install our system to generate electricity for you.

  1. We are able to sell you the electricity generated on your own property for about 30% less than your utility company today. On top of that, our pre-defined price schedule for the coming 20 years gives you a high predictability of your solar electric bill from now on with zero cost upfront.

  2. No ownership responsibility for you. We own the system on your property so you don’t have any ownership responsibilities. We take care of everything during and after the installation, including insurance and maintenance. All you have to do is pay for the solar electricity that we deliver. We constantly monitor the system for you and send out qualified personnel if there are any irregularities. You can also observe your consumption and performance of your system online.

  3. We are committed to strengthening your economy. We work with local installers in your community. People you know. People you trust. (Thanks to you, they will get additional training from us.)

  4. We use a third party engineering company to verify engineering plans and commissioning reports. Plus, we only use proven, high quality components that have been applied in previous installations around the country.

How does it work?

  • No up front cost

  • ZERO down payment

  1. Reduce your electricity bill by ~30% and even more in the future, thanks to our pre-defined price policy.

  2. No ownership responsibility

  3. We strengthen your local community